What are the tax features to me of contributing to the plan?

You pay no current federal income tax on your contributions or any earnings on those contributions.  You will pay tax when you eventually withdraw money from the plan, but it is possible that you may be in a lower tax bracket when you receive those benefits.

Washoe County also offers a Roth 457 option under its 457 program, giving you another savings opportunity to consider. Contributions to the Roth 457 are subject to upfront income tax withholding but may be withdrawn tax-free, along with earnings, if qualifying conditions are met: 1) Roth contributions must be held at least five years before date of distribution and 2) attainment of age 59½ (assuming separation from service), disability or death.

You can make contributions on an after-tax basis to the Roth 457, on a pre-tax basis to the traditional 457, or to a combination of the two. You choose based on what is best for your personal circumstances and savings objectives.

What happens to my contributions?

Washoe County will forward your contributions to Voya Financial to deposit into your Plan account(s). You will receive a quarterly account statement which will summarize your account’s financial activity.

Will I need a password to get into my personal account on the toll-free telephone line and the Internet?

Yes, for security reasons a password is required. Please note -- there are different security processes for phone and Internet access:

Toll-free phone: You will need both your Social Security Number and a personal identification number (PIN) to access your account through our toll-free telephone line. A default PIN will be assigned to you when you enroll in the plan (you will receive the default PIN along with your enrollment confirmation). PINs can be changed by using our website or automated toll-free telephone line. Note: Customer Service Associates cannot change your PIN.

Internet: First-time users will be asked to register for online account access using their Social Security number and PIN. The registration process will prompt you to create a personalized Username and Password that you will use to access your account(s) on all subsequent visits to the website.